Lisa and Mark both come from a civil service background within (what was) H.M. Customs and Excise. They both shared an interest in dogs, with Mark a Customs dog handler trained by the RAF in 1994, at RAF Newton and Lisa swapping Customs investigation for working voluntarily at the local dog sanctuary in her spare time.

In 2002 they took the plunge Both leaving their jobs to buy a kennels and cattery in Norfolk and following their love of dogs. Lisa trained to groom and they continued until the birth of their first daughter August 2004. Unfortunately she was very early and very ill and through the following six months running two businesses with no staff and a poorly baby became unfeasible. They sold the businesses and moved to Bury St Edmunds in September 2006. New home, new baby ensued, along with another difficult pregnancy until 2007, when the love and need to work with dogs just wouldn’t go away, so they bought Canna Nore and pursued their dream of opening a training grooming and Registered Hydrotherapy Centre to cover the Suffolk area.


Lisa and Mark are both fully trained in the following courses:

Introduction to Hydrotherapy, Pool Water Management,

First Aid in Animal Care,

Management of Medical Conditions in Hydrotherapy,

Musculoskeletal System and Conditions in Hydrotherapy,

Canine Aquatic Treadmill Therapy,

Practical Physio for Hydrotherapy

Diploma in Dog training Distinction

Diploma in Canine Psychology Distinction

Lisa is a fully trained dog groomer.