On your initial consultation we provide an hour long appointment for a number of factors.

Firstly we want our canine client to become accustomed to us and the environment in a relaxed manner with plenty of attention, affection and time to sniff around. (Not to mention the occasional treat!).

Secondly we discuss your expectations of the treatment to ensure you understand about hydrotherapy, the potential benefits, the potential outcomes and any questions you may have.

Our canine client is given a head to tail health check (and subsequently on each visit prior to treatment).

We confirm personal details, details of condition, previous or ongoing veterinary treatment and medication and any other relevant matters.

We then start the first hydrotherapy treatment. Our canine clients are never exercised for more than 5 minutes on their initial swim. We are introducing the idea of water treatment, and we want to gauge the fitness and stamina of our client gently to avoid over exertion. We can then cater the course of treatment for each individual client based on their reaction both during, and the initial hours after, the treatment.

Swimming and Water Treadmill

Our canine clients are showered prior to swimming, to remove any debris in their coat, and afterwards to remove any residual chlorine.

Our pool and treadmill is chlorinated to provide a safe and clean environment in which to exercise. The temperature is kept between 28-30 degrees Celsius. The optimum temperature to increase blood circulation to muscles and joints, resulting in greater tissue flexibility, but not too hot to risk fatigue and exhaustion.

All clients wear either pet float or harness in the pool and harness in the treadmill for their safety. We are always in the pool with our canine client to give reassurance and monitor their progress closely. We are often in the water treadmill during the first few sessions until our client is confident. (Pet owners are never in the pool with their pet but remain poolside.)

Sessions are normally 30 to 40 minutes unless it is an initial consultation or ‘intensive care rehabilitation’, in which case 1 hr sessions are given.

All client sessions have a warm up, exercise and then cool down periods. Rest sessions are given during exercise as required.

Pulse, temperature and respiration are continually monitored during treatment for the health and safety of the client.

Our clients are rinsed, towel dried and air dried (if this does not cause distress) and you are advised to use a warm dog coat for travelling home. We recommend your pet is kept warm until thoroughly dry to ensure the benefits of warm exercise are not reduced once leaving the centre.


Our hydrotherapy centre comprises of two buildings. The first is our pool room, containing a heated 12ft x 5 ft pool, 4 ft in depth. Water jets are fitted to increase resistance when required.

The second is our water treadmill room which also houses our full grooming equipment.


Clients are only accepted for any form of treatment at the hydrotherapy centre through Veterinary Surgeon referral only. Referral forms can be downloaded from HERE. However we often obtain vet referrals direct from your vet for you.

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Lab Pool