Paul O

We took our 4 year old Rotweiller called Magic to see Mark in the hope of regaining the use of his back legs properly following bi-lateral cruciate repairs.

3 months of crate rest left him with virtually no muscles in his back legs,he had lost all confidence with walking and would sit down at any opportunity and was very depressed.

When Mark assessed Magic on his first visit he checked him all over and decided to use the water treadmill and eased him into the first session.

Magic looked forward to his weekly sessions which Mark increased each week.  longer on the treadmill each time gained his confidence and strength was fun for him.

Magic is now fully recovered and is running around like a puppy again something I thought i would not see and without this treatment.

Our thanks to Mark for helping our boy recover

Yvonne C

I have been taking Skye for hydrotherapy for 6 weeks now and I can honestly say the improvement has been amazing. After having surgery on ruptured cruciate ligaments in both knees her muscle tone was very bad now after 6 sessions with Mark she is 90% back to her normal self. It is a friendly atmosphere and you are made to feel like a friend more than a client. We make a 120 mile round trip every week and I can honestly say it is worth it, I would recommend Mark to anyone wanting this service.

Carl S

My Golden Retriever aged 11.5 underwent major back surgery after becoming paralysed suddenly and I was looking around for a pool for some rehabilitation for him. I came across the Suffolk Canine Country Club with Lisa and Mark!! Having previously helped out at a different hydrotherapy pool for a number of years I was very impressed with the set up here and the very professional but extremely friendly welcome. Each week there is a quick health check and progress update. Mark has been taking my sessions and he is exceptional and really seems to understand the needs and capabilities of his ‘patients’, providing rewarding and challenging workouts but also knowing when its time for a rest and the occasional treat too. This pair have certainly helped with my boys recovery and only 8 weeks after the op he is better than he had been even months before the paralysis. They really have helped give my old boy back to me and I am eternally grateful to them for this.

Joy M

I have a new dog!!! My labrador aged 6 was suffering from arthritis in her right shoulder, after a three month course of hydrotherapy at the Suffolk Canine Country Club her health is back to normal, no limping or discomfort and more importantly NO DRUGS! She loved Mark right from the start, he is kind and patient with both dog and client! We have now finished our sessions but if the problem reoccurs I will be straight back to see them! I wouldn’t hestitate in recommending the Canine Country Club – a first class company! Thank you. Joy and Evie M

Rosalie D

I bring my little dog Audley from Cambridge for Lisa to groom. I have tried other dog groomers but Audley seems most happy here and he always comes back looking and smelling wonderful. It is worth the trip along the A14! I am very pleased to recommend them – and the price is right!

Miss M O

Lisa and Mark are fantastic our GSD Jessie has had a new lease of life since she has been going to Hydrothrapy. She is a challenging dog, being a rescue dog she comes with a mountain of problems which Mark and Lisa have been working through to help her with her distrust of humans and new situations. She is now a real water babe and loves to swim, her fused spine which caused her so much pain, discomfort and really limited her life is now so much better she is like a puppy again. We can’t believe the change in her, she is happy and so are we. We would highly recommend Lisa and Mark to anyone and everyone and we can’t thank them enough.

Marion S

I can, and do, recommend Lisa and Mark very highly indeed. Lisa kept my beloved bearded collie looking pristine and beautiful, despite his sulks, with her kindness, patience and expertise. I have many visiting doggy guests, many of whom also have regular appointments now for their “pamper sessions” whilst on their vacations! What is even more important is that Lisa LISTENS and your dog will not be returned with a purple rinse if you just asked for a blow dry!! Mark and Lisa both deserve credit for their achievement in providing such excellent service and facilities.

Rachel H

I cannot recommend Suffolk Canine Country Club enough. You receive a warm welcome from both Mark and Lisa. I have a nervous miniature schnauzer who hates me attempting to brush him but with Lisa’s calming influences, he now enjoys his 8 week grooming treatment. If anyone is looking for a good dog groomer – visit the SUFFOLK CANINE COUNTRY CLUB. I certainly would not use anyone else!!

Gayle W

Hi, I’m Georgia and I want to tell you about my friend Lisa. When I arrive can’t wait to get out of the car and find Lisa with lots of tail wagging (me not Lisa), she is always pleased to see me too. When I have a bath she doesn’t mind me getting her wet and she is always very gentle and kind and talks to me alot. Lisa makes me feel like and look like a princess. My mum is always pleased when she see’s me and says I smell lovely. My sister also comes to see Lisa and she likes her alot which is unusual for her because she can be frightened of new people. It just shows Lisa must be a special person. Georgia (Cocker spaniel) Gayle Webber

Lilly D

Our dog came back from being groomed smelling of roses! A superb job and would highly recommend. Thank you.

Jo M

Having first met Lisa who made our Springer Spaniel (Barney) look devastatingly handsome with some wonderful grooming, we noticed that they also did hydrotherapy. We’d had numerous visits to our vets with our lame, elderly Jack Russell (Ben) and we really weren’t getting anywhere, and we did not want him to have to have longterm treatment with anti-inflammatories, so we asked for a referral to Mark and Lisa for hydrotherapy. This is, without a shadow of a doubt, the best thing we have ever done. After just 2 sessions the improvements in Ben was clearly evident and astounding, we never thought that he would get as fit and strong as he is now, we had just hoped to give him some pain relief and some more time. The positive effects it has also had on us are an added bonus, we no longer have to look at Ben with sadness, wondering if we were being selfish, now we have our fit, ready for walk anytime, beloved dog back. Mark and Lisa are just heaven sent! J&D M.

Inger A

Ness, my 15.5 year old alsation cross, has been swimming with Mark for nearly two years now and the benefits are clear to see. For Ness, hydrotherapy has kept her supple and mobile for longer and has delayed, by some 18 months, the need to take anti-inflammatories for age related arthritis and lack of hip mobility. The hydrotherapy also helps to keep Ness fit on the inside, building and maintaining core strength, as she can do more exercise in the water than on land. Mark and Lisa are a great team and care about their clients and their owners. I recommend them highly and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend also the benefits of hydrotherapy, whether for a pooch recovering from injury or just an old dog like my Ness who needs to keep fit! Inger A

Eric Y

I first met Mark and Lisa via a recommendation from our vets, Swayne & Partners. My Border Collie Bryn had reached a point where his arthritis was having such an impact on his quality of life that I was considering having him put to sleep. Mark’s work in the hydro pool improved Bryn’s quality of life enormously. He was able to walk much further than had been the case and ultimately outlived his brother. I now have two young dogs, also rescues, who have proved much more difficult than all my previous dogs, which although rescues, were actually ex farm Collies. Mark has given a huge amount of his personal time to help me get Max (Border Collie/Saluki cross) and Gyp (red and white Border Collie) to a point where they are now wonderful dogs; albeit rather wilful. Mark and Lisa groom my dogs to a very high standard which is a shame really because they go straight out and lie in puddles (the dogs not Mark and Lisa!). My sister drives from Cottenham especially to have Lisa groom her dog.

Julie A

Tilly and Freya have been going to hydrotherapy for 18 months. Lisa and Mark are fantastic and really know what they are doing and how to get the best from each dog. My two dogs are super fit and get so excited each week when they know where they are going. Highly recommended whether for rehabilitation or fitness.

Denise R

Our Bulldog bitch Sausage had had a persistent limp from the age of 7mths and could not exercise on hard ground without becoming lame. We knew it wasnt a skeletal problem and I didnt want her to be continually on anti inflammatories so we bought her to Mark for hydrotherapy after recommendation from a friend and after 6wks she is a completely different dog! Her fitness has increased unbelievably, she can run with my other dog and is always completely sound after exercise. She literally runs up the ramp into the pool and Mark is wonderful with her so we have decided to carry on swimming her at Suffolk Canine Country Club once a week for the forseeable future just to keep her fitness up as she’s in such great shape now! I cant recommend hydrotherapy here highly enough, it has saved us a fortune in vets bills (they wanted to xray and do exploratory surgery if it persisted) and we now have an extremely fit active sound bulldog!! Many Thanks to Mark and Lisa De, Murf and Sausage.

Miriam W

Lisa knows how to handle dogs of any size and woollyness.. Saffy was a real challenge. but now that she will get regular grooming here we should be able to keep this pooch looking fab!

Simon W

Most impressed with the way Lisa handled our special dog. A very hairy 7 year old golden retriever! She looks and feels and smells amazing and is looking forward to her return visit.